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Welcome To Donna's Place

"Hi, my name is Donna"

My husband just made a homepage so I thought I would give it a try. I have learned so much surfing the net that I want to share it with you. But first, here is a picture of my husband,

Lou and I.

My Baby


Doing What He Does Best, Nothing!!

Here Is My Son,
Joe, age 21

He is an EMT Instructor


GOD ... Grant me the ability
to give emergency care. With skillful hands,
knowledgeable mind, and tender loving care.
Help me deal with everything, when lives are on the line. To see the worst, administer aid, and ease a worried mind.
So help me as I go today, accept what fate may be.
Touch these hands, use this
mind, help this E.M.T.

My Nephews

Kevin age 13

<---Steven age 10

Here is a picture of the people I work with in the Quality Control Lab. As you can see we do have some fun.

Visit my friend,
Helen's Homepage

A very special friend sent this to me.
Thanks Helen

Click for East Brunswick, New Jersey 

My Help Keys

"Here Are Some Fun

Things To Try"

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Free Graphics With ZyGraphics

"My Favorite Poems"

This is somthing that is very important to me click
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Visit My Husband Lou's Sites

Form Tutorial

Form Tutorial

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My very first award
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My second award
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Form Tutorial

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